The Chronological List of Publications By Professor C.R. Hallpike

1966 ‘Some stories from Konso’, Ethiopian Observer, X(3), 230-32.

1967 ‘The status of craftsmen among the Konso of southwest Ethiopia’, First Meeting of Social Research Fieldworkers in Northeastern Africa, Addis Ababa, 20-23 April.

1968a ‘The status of craftsmen among the Konso of southwest Ethiopia’. Africa, 38, 258-269.

1968b Letter ‘Percussion and transition’. Man (n.s.), 3, 314.

1969a ‘Social hair’. Man (n.s.), 4, 256-64.

1969b (with D.Elliott) ‘The simulation of an East African generation grading system by computer’, 72nd Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, November 20-24.

1970a ‘The principles of alliance formation between Konso towns’. Man (n.s.), 5, 258- 280.

1970b ‘Konso agriculture’. Journal of Ethiopian Studies, 8, 31-43.

1971 ‘Some problems in cross-cultural comparison’ in The Translation of Culture. Essays presented to E.E. Evans-Pritchard. Ed. T.O. Beidelman, 123-140. London: Tavistock.

1972 The Konso of Ethiopia. A study of the values of a Cushitic people. 342 pp. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

1973a ‘Aristotelian and Heraclitean societies’. Ethos, 2, 65-76.

1973b ‘Functionalist interpretations of primitive warfare’. Man (n.s.), 4, 51-70.

1974a ‘Hair symbolism’. The Family of Man, part 6, 1651-64, London: Marshall Cavendish.

1974b. Letter ‘Functions of primitive warfare’. Man (n.s.), 9, 488-9. 1974c. Letter on quality of current book reviews, Africa, 44, 149.

1974d. Letter on the use of indigenous research assistants in fieldwork, Man in New Guinea, 2, 67.

1975a ‘Two types of reciprocity’. Comparative Studies in Society and History. 17, 113- 119.

1975b ‘The Goilala’. The Family of Man, part 36, 981-83, London: Marshall Cavendish.

1975c ‘The Konso’. The Family of Man, part 59, 1637-40, London: Marshall Cavendish.

1975d ‘The Manus’. The Family of Man, part 66, 1809-11, London: Marshall Cavendish.

1975e ‘The Melpa’. The Family of Man, part 67, 1865-68, London: Marshall Cavendish.

1975f ‘Is there a primitive mentality’, Paper presented at 137th Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Section H, Guildford, 28th August.

1975g ‘Is there a primitive mentality?’ Times Higher Education Supplement, 7th November.

1976a ‘Is there a primitive mentality?’. Man (n.s.), 11, 253-70.

1976b ‘The origins of the Borana gada system’. Africa, 46, 48-56.

1976c ‘Men of the coral islands’, in The Coral Seas, Ed. A.C.Campbell. 93-122. London: Orbis Publishing.

1976d ‘The Sepik River Peoples’. The Family of Man, part 84, 2334-36, London: Marshall Cavendish.

1976e ‘Tribal warfare’. The Family of Man, part 82, 2293-96, London: Marshall Cavendish.

1976f ‘Papuans’. The Family of Man, part 79, 2190-92, London: Marshall Cavendish.

1976g Communication on the nomenclature of generation-grading systems. Africa, 46, 246.

1977a Bloodshed and Vengeance in the Papuan Mountains. The generation of conflict in Tauade society. 317 pp. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

1977b Review of A.P. Vayda ‘Warfare in Ecological Perspective’, and M. Meggitt ‘Blood is their Argument’, Man (n.s.), 12, 555-7.

1977c Letter ‘The primitive mentality’. Man (n.s.), 12, 530.

1978a. Reprint of ‘Functionalist interpretations of primitive warfare’, in Biosocial Man, Ed. D. Brothwell, 241-64. London: Eugenics Society.

1978b. Reprint of ‘Social hair’, in The Social Aspects of the Human Body. Ed. T. Polhemus, 134-146. London: Penguin.

1979a The Foundations of Primitive Thought. 516 pp. Oxford: Clarendon Press. [Copyright date 1979, delayed until May 1980 by error on spine].

1979b The Kukukuku of the Upper Watut. Edited from the published and unpublished fieldnotes of the late Beatrice Blackwood, with Introduction and Bibliography. 204 pp. Oxford: Pitt Rivers Museum Monograph Series No. 2.

1979c Letter ‘Accuracy, tact and honesty’. Man (n.s.), 14, 477.

1979d Reprint of ‘Social hair’ in Reader in Comparative Religion. An anthropological approach. Eds. Lesser & Vogt. 4th Edn. New York: Harper & Row.

1981 ‘Anthropology and the two cultures’. Sciences and Humanities Lecture Series, 43-56. McMaster University.

1982a. Letter ‘On Nyoro ethnography’. Man (n.s.), 17, 558.

1982b. ‘The culturgen: science or science fiction?’ Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 5, 12-13.

1982c. Comment on M. Winkelman ‘Magic, a reassessment’. Current Anthropology, 13, 47-8.

1983 Reply to R. Shweder ‘On savages and other children’. American Anthropologist, 85, 656-60.

1984a Die Grundlagen Primitiven Denkens. Tr. L. Bernard. Stuttgart: Klett Cotta.

1984b I Fondamenti del Pensiero Primitivo. Tr. S. Tre Re. Intro. M. Squillaciotti. Rome: Editori Reuniti.

1984c ‘The relevance of the theory of inclusive fitness to human society’. Journal of Soc. and Biol. Struct., 7, 131-144.

1984d Review of T. Siebers ‘The Mirror of Medusa’, Man (n.s.), 19, 706-7.

1984e Review of D. Lancy ‘Cross-Cultural Studies in Cognition and Mathematics’. Man (n.s.), 19, 500.

1984f. Reply to A. Biersack ‘The logic of misplaced concreteness’, American Anthropologist, 86, 413-16.

1984g ‘Fitting culture into a Skinner box’. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 7, 504-5.

1985a ‘Social and biological evolution I: Darwinism and social evolution’. Journal of Soc. and Biol. Struct., 8, 129-146.

1985b Review of P. Hage and F. Harary ‘Structural Models in Anthropology’, Man (n.s.) 20, 759-60.

1985c Review of B. Ferguson (Ed.) ‘Warfare, Culture and Environment’, Man (n.s.), 756-57.

1985d Reply to R. Shweder ‘Has Piaget been upstaged?’ American Anthropologist, 87, 144-6.

1986a The Principles of Social Evolution. 412 pp. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

1986b Fundamentos del Pensamiento Primitivo. Tr. F. Patan. Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica.

1986c ‘Social and biological evolution II: some basic principles of social evolution’. Journal of Soc. and Biol. Struct., 9, 5-31.

1986d. Review of R.M. Lerner ‘On the Nature of Human Plasticity’. Man (n.s.), 21, 140- 1.

1986e Review of J.F. Hurley ‘Sorcery’, Man (n.s.), 21,154-5.

1986f Letter ‘Maps and wayfaring’. Man (n.s.), 21, 342-3.

1988a The Principles of Social Evolution. 2nd edition, Clarendon Paperback.

1988b ‘Social evolution’ at Symposium on Evolutionary Theory in the Social Sciences, University of Toronto.

1988c ‘Social organization and the evolution of moral issues’ International Seminar on Tribal Culture in a Changing World, Cuttack, India.

1988d. Review of Konrad Lorenz ‘The Waning of Humaneness’, The Tablet, 1 Oct., 1126.

1988e. Review of T. Ingold ‘Evolution and Social Life’, Can. Rev. Soc. & Anth., 25, 486- 8

1988f ‘Green beard theory’. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 12, 528-9.

1988g Communication: Some notes on ‘Structures, Cores, and Evolution’ by E.Gellner. Cambridge  Anthropology 13(1), 80-82.

1989a. Review of N. Rapport ‘Talking Violence’, Man, 24, 363.

1989b. Review of E. Gellner ‘Plough, Sword & Book. The Structure of Human History’ Man, 24,691-692.

1990 Die Grundlagen Primitiven Denkens. 2nd edition, paperback.

1991a ‘The illusions of Darwinism’, Symposium on Biological Models of Social Evolution, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF),Bielefeld University, December. (ZiF Research Report 15, 1992).

1991b Review of Robert J.Richards ‘Darwin and the Emergence of Evolutionary Theories of Mind and Behavior’, Nexus, 9, 257-61.

1992a ‘Is there a primitive society?’. Cambridge Anthropology, 16, 29-44

1992b ‘The evolution of moral understanding’, Institute of Sociology, Freiburg University, November.

1992c ‘Collective representations and individual psychology’, International Symposium on the Ontogenetic and Historical Development of the Mind. Werner Reimers Stiftung, Bad Homburg, November.

1992d Review of J.Haas ‘The Anthropology of War’. American Anthropologist 93(4).

1993a Review of J.F.Hamill ‘Ethno-Logic. The anthropology of human reasoning’. Anthropologica 34, 263-264.

1993b ‘On primitive society and social evolution, a reply to Kuper’. Cambridge Anthropology 17, 80-4.

1994a ‘Kognitive Entwicklung in Kultur und Individuum’, in Der Prozess der Geistesgeschichte, Eds. G.Dux & U.Wenzel. Suhrkamp Verlag, 225-247.

1994b ‘Hunter gatherers and the origins of the family’,International symposium The Formative Process of Society, ZiF, University of Bielefeld.

1994c Review of ‘War in the Tribal Zone’ Eds. Ferguson & Whitehead. Man 29, 233-34

1995a ‘The Konso’. The Encyclopaedia of World Cultures. Eds. Middleton & Massam. 9, 169-172. HRAF Press.

1995b ‘The social poison of individual rights’, Theme School of International Justice and Human Rights, McMaster University.

1995c Comment on J.Soltis, R.Boyd, & P.Richerson ‘Can group-functional behaviors evolve by cultural group selection?’. Current Anthropology, 36, 484.

1997a ‘Social evolution’. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 152(4), 682-689.

1997b ‘Hair’. The Encyclopaedia of Religion. Ed. Mircea Eliade, 6, 154-57.

1997c ‘The Konso of Ethiopia: from tribalism to nation state’. The Anglo-Ethiopian Society. (SOAS, 9th October).

1998 ‘Moral development from the anthropological perspective’, International symposium, The Ontogenetic and Historical Development of Morality, ZiF, University of Bielefeld.

1999a Review of ‘Hair’, Eds. A.D.Hiltebeitel & A.D.Miller, JRAI 5(2) 298 1999b Comment on W.G.Runciman’s ‘Greek hoplites...’, JRAI 5(4), 627-9.

2000a ‘Moralphilosophie und die historische Entwicklung des moralischen Verstehen’, in Anthropologie und Moral. Philosophische und soziologische perspektiven, Eds M.Endress & N.Roughley, 359-93. Wurzburg: Verlag Konigshausen & Neumann.

2000b Comment on reply by W.G.Runciman to Hallpike 1999, JRAI 6(3), 526.

2001a ‘Norm und normlosigkeit einer Gesellschaft in den Bergen Papuas’, in Moral und Recht im Diskurs der Moderne. Zur Legitimation gesellschaftlicher Ordnung. Eds. G.Dux & F.Welz.Opladen. 45-66. Leske & Budrich.

2001b ‘The limitations of “adaptation” in explaining the evolution of human thought and culture’, Prozessuale Enkulturation – Rekonstruction der Kulturgenese in Spannungsfeld von Soziologie und Philosophie. Zentrum fur Hohere Studien, University of Leipzig (5th October).

2001c Comment on reply by W.G. Runciman to Hallpike 2000, JRAI 7(3), 573-4.

2002a ‘The Konso of Ethiopia: the integration of a tribal culture into a modern state’, at Conference on Modernisation in Africa, Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland 6-11 October.

2002b Comment on reply by R.I.M.Dunbar ‘More on Greek hoplites: Darwinism and social evolution’, JRAI 8(4) 763-5.

2002c Comment on primitive mentality, JRAI 8(3), 571-2.

2003a ‘Absolutismus und Konstruktivismus. Einige Überlegungen zur Entstehung von Ordnungsmustern’, in Subjekte und Gesellschaft. Zur Konstitution von Sozialität. Eds. U.Wenzel. B.Bretzinger, & K.Holz. 170-197. Velbrück Wissenschaft.

2003b ‘Das Überleben des Mittelmässigen. Die Grenzen der ‘Anpassung’ in der Erklärung der Evolution des menschlichen Denkens und der Kultur’, in Die Entwicklung sozialer Wirklichkeit. Auseinandersetzungen mit der historisch- genetischen Theorie der Gesellschaft. Eds. N.Psarros, P.Stkeler-Weithofer, & G.Vobruba. 89-110. Velbrück Wissenschaft.

2003c Review of ‘Deadly Developments: capitalism, states, and war’, Eds. S.P.Reyna & R.E.Downs, JRAI 9(2) 383-4.

2004a The Evolution of Moral Understanding. 427 pp. Prometheus Research Group, Alton, Hants.

2004b ‘Are human rights    ethnocentric? Cultural bias and    theories of moral development’, at 34th Annual Meeting of Jean Piaget Society, Toronto, 5th June.

2005 ‘The anthropology of moral development’, Plenary Address to 35th Annual Meeting of Jean Piaget Society, Vancouver, 3rd June.

2006 ‘The rise of modern science and industrial technology: a test case of Sanderson’s evolutionary model of human society’, at Conference on The Evolution of Human Sociality, School of Political Science and Sociology, Innsbruck University, 9th June.

2007 ‘How social evolution works’. 8th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Evolution and Sociology, Glasgow, 5th September.

2008a  The Konso of Ethiopia: A study of the values of an East Cushitic society. 514 pp. Revised edition of 1st edition, 1972. Bloomington, Indiana and Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse.

2008b How We Got Here: From bows and arrows to the space age. 609 pp. Bloomington, Indiana and Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse.

2008c ‘Time reckoning and calendars’, New Encyclopaedia of Africa. Ed. J.Middleton. V, 52-9.New York: Harper Collins.

2008d ‘The rise of modern science and technology: a test case of Sanderson’s evolutionary model of human society’, in The New Evolutionary Social Science. Human nature, social behavior, and social change. Eds. H-J Niedenzu et al. 122-134. Paradigm Publishers. Boulder and London.

2008e ‘The anthropology of moral development’ in Social Life and Social Knowledge. Towards a process account of Development. Eds. U.Mueller et al. 225-254. The Jean Piaget Symposium Series. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

2011 On Primitive Society and Other Forbidden Topics. 436 pp. Bloomington, Indiana: AuthorHouse.

2012   Review of G.W. Oesterdiekhoff   ‘The Steps of Man Towards Civilization. The key to disclose the riddle of history’. Norderstedt: Books on Demand GmbH. In New Ideas in Psychology, 30, 336-7.

2014b ‘Constructivism and selection: two opposed theories of social evolution’, in Strukturen des Denkens. Studien zur Geschichte des Geistes. Eds. G.Dux & J.Rusen, 183-202. Wiesbaden: Springer.

2015 'Rene Girard's world of fantasy', 16 pp. Website.

2016a Do We Need God to be Good? An anthropologist considers the evidence. Winchester & Washington: Circle Books.

2016b 'Primitive concepts of the natural world', European Journal of Psychological Studies, 8(2) 108-19.

2016c 'Cognitive and social aspects of moral development', European Journal of Psychological Studies, 8(2) 120-32.

2016d Ethical Thought in Increasingly Complex Societies: Social structure and moral development. Lanham, New York, London: Lexington Books.

2017 ‘A response to Yuval Harari's Sapiens. A brief history of humankind. New English Review, December.

2018a   Review of Swearing is Good for You, Emma Byrne. New English Review.

2018b  Ship of Fools. An Anthology of learned nonsense about primitive society. Kouvula, Finland: Castalia House. (Includes “So all languages aren’t equally complex after all”, a critique of Chomsky, and “The Man-Eating Myth reconsidered”, a critique of Arens.).

2020 Darwinism, Dogma, and Cultural Evolution. Kouvola, Finland: Castalia House.

2021a On The Wilder Shores Of Life: Living With Primitive Tribes. Ellie White, Gloucestershire.

2021b. Completed MS: Savagery and Civilisation. (Includes: Anthropology in the age of madness; Savagery and civilization; A note on Norbert Elias and the civilizing process; Infinity and the savage mind; Innovation and stagnation: a new approach; In defence of colonialism: the case of Papua New Guinea.).

2022 Savagery and Civilisation. Ellie White, Gloucestershire